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Addwater Marketing Agency Blog > Top Five Marketing Tips & Tools: Edition 3.
Author - Sarah Gemmell
Category - Addwater, Email newsletter
Posted - 04/27/2011
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Top Five Marketing Tips & Tools: Edition 3.
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Top Five Marketing Tips & Tools
Edition 3. April, 2011.
Blogging for business cartoon

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Tips & Tools
  1. "How to make your competition irrelevant" on OPENForum : Really great interview with David Aaker, author of Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant. He says "offer enhancements customers will consider 'must-haves'..." and much more.
  2. "Top 5 web design mistakes small businesses make" on Mashable : Too much clutter and poor navigation are among the Top 5, but the most common mistake we see is #2 in this article...
  3. [Tool] ChirpCity :  A great tool for local businesses seeking local customers, ChirpCity shows you tweets from people in and around your city.
  4. "Why start-ups need to blog" on TechCrunch : Fantastic advice for any business, not just start-ups. Blogging enhances your biz's transparency (hence the comic above), authenticity, personality and more.
  5. "10 ways for small businesses to use LinkedIn" by Guy Kawasaki : Get recommendations from customers and clients, find local events and other ways to use LinkedIn to your business's advantage!
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-- Sarah & the Addwater Team

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