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Author - Sarah Gemmell
Category - Social media, Facebook, Twitter
Posted - 07/20/2011
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Social media etiquette for business
Back when I first learned about using social media such as Facebook and Twitter for business, there seemed to be a fairly standard and respectable way to treat others on social media: always thank someone when they re-tweet your tweet, send personal (non-spammy) direct messages, etc.
But these days it seems some people have forgotten about these common courtesies. For small businesses marketing through social media, it's especially important to use the correct social media etiquette.

Social media pro, Chris Brogan outlines some etiquette tips, such as:
  • Your avatar picture shouldn’t be a logo. We don’t meet logos at parties, do we? You can include a logo, but make it you.
  • You’re not obligated to follow/friend anyone. No matter what. Not even your mother.
  • It’s okay to let the competition follow you. It’s okay to follow the competition.
  • Every blog I know has a share/like/tweet/stumble button at the bottom or somewhere. They’re there for a reason. If you like the article, pushing those buttons is a “tip jar” for the artist. Push it. It doesn’t take long.
Taking these tips into consideration, here are some etiquette tips for your business on social media:
  • Are you a one-person business? Don't hide behind a logo. Make sure your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures show the person behind the biz. This will reinforce your legitimacy and personality.
  • If a customer (or anyone, for that matter) mentions, re-tweets, or writes on your Facebook Wall, thank them and reply thoughtfully and sincerely. 
  • If someone posts an interesting article, give them credit when you post it yourself.
  • Promote others' promotions so that when it's your turn to share your own promotion, they'll share it. 
  • 10 new followers in one day? Don't automatically follow them back - make sure they aren't spammers first. Heaven forbid a potential client sees that you're following @Girls24x7.
  • Finally, don't just talk about yourself. That's boring. Share relevant, interesting content.

Any tips I forgot? Please share them below!

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